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When you need a quick and effective detox, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!* Super Colon Cleanse has been a staple in households since the 90s. This time-tested formula is perfect for occasional use when you need a little help to “go”.* Plus ingredients like valerian root assist with anxiety, insomnia, and restfulness, so you can have a good night's sleep. Poor diet, stress, fatigue, and environmental toxins all contribute to limiting your body’s ability to manage waste and regulate digestion. Super Colon Cleanse is a gentle formula filled with herbs that aid in cleansing the intestines to rid the body of built up waste, provide good gut bacteria, and optimize digestive processes.* Includes the natural stimulant, Senna Leaf and soluble fiber, Psyllium Husk, Super Colon Cleanse may help with occasional constipation, eliminate toxins, improve nutrient absorption, rehydrate the body, and support weight loss.

  • Gentle & Effective: Super Colon Cleanse is a quick, gentle internal detox with a powerful herbal blend for occasional use that supports healthy colon function and constipation relief
  • Cleanse while you sleep: This super detox cleanse supports waste and toxin elimination helps reduce bloating from excess waste, assists with detoxification, and promotes good gut health


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