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Tropical Oasis Nourish your growing kids with Tropical Oasis Premium Kids' Unisex Multi-Vitamin. In a world of fast food and hectic schedules, ensure your children get the essential nutrients they need. From soccer practice to piano lessons, our formula is designed to support their busy lives. Take the hassle out of supplementation with a highly effective, easily absorbed solution. No artificial flavors or colors - just pure, wholesome goodness for your kids' well-being. Embrace simplicity in ensuring your children maintain a healthy and vibrant young body with Tropical Oasis.

  • GREAT TASTING KIDS LIQUID MULTIVITAMIN-Tropical Oasis No more chasing your kids around to take nasty tasting vitamins. Your kids will love the taste of our multivitamin while getting the essential daily nutrients they need. FOR AGES 4 & UP! 
  • EACH DOSE CONTAINS 100% DAILY VALUE OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS FOR KIDS- Each dose contains the essential nutrients needed for your child while supporting a healthy immune system.
  • 5X HIGHER ABSORPTION RATE VS PILLS OR GUMMIES: Liquid Vitamins go straight into your bloodstream and therefore are absorbed between 95-98% by the body. PIlls & Gummies need be digested first, and are only absorbed between 3-18% percent. So stop wasting your money on inferior products, and give liquid vitamins a chance!
  • NON GMO, GLUTEN & FRUCTOSE FREE - Our Children’s Multivitamin does not contain any preservatives, gluten, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring OR additives


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